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Architect’s advice

Your questions are answered by Safonov A. V. , architect of LLC “Kirovles”
You can email your questions to [email protected]


Common mistakes in planning a house
Ошибки могут возникнуть уже на первом этапе – при проектировании. Это несоблюдение особенностей стандартного размера материала и правил прочности конструкции. Среди проектных специалистов часто встречается ошибка — несоблюдение принципа «летней» и «зимней» частей здания. Например, над крыльцом на втором этаже располагают тёплое помещение. Получается, что в этой комнате часть пола выходит на улицу. В итоге его утепление становится крайне сложной задачей. Теплоизоляция дома нарушается. Что предпринять в таком случае? Необходимо либо сделать выносным крыльцо, либо спроектировать над ним «холодные» помещения (балкон или веранду).
Myths about taking up residence and contraction
Under the roof…
My thoughts……
I hear people cannot take up residence in a wooden house immediately. Allegedly, it takes a house a year to contract and only after that windows and doors can be installed. I am not ready to wait for such a long time. What should I do? Please, advise!
How are logs fastened? Won’t a house fall apart?
Myths about winter forest. Is it true that it is best to build from the wood harvested in winter?
Glued or no? Do you recommend building houses form glued beams?
Are houses from aerated concrete blocks considered to be eco-friendly or is it better to choose a wooden house? I suffer from asthma.
I bought a house. I have no idea who it was built by. There is a problem – mold in the corner of the second floor, next to the roof. What might have caused it? I have already applied three layers of preservative treatment and I am really confused that mold has appeared in only one corner. What should I do? Please, advise!
None of the projects available on your site are suitable to me. Can I order an individual project?
How long does it take a wooden house to contract?
Which season is best for starting the construction of a wooden house?
Which types of wood do you use in building houses? What are the advantages of each type?
I would like to build a wooden house 10*9m with a mansard (without a middle wall). I am afraid that rafters will not hold the pressure at such distance. What is the best way to install and fasten them?
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