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Price list

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Варианты пакетов
A house set
from 5 500 rubles per square meter
A house set with assembly
from 7 700 rubles per square meter
A house set with roof
from 17 000 rubles per square meter
A house set
Assembly drawing
Initial plan
Crib jute insulation
House assembly pins
Preservative for bowls and notches
Ceiling joists
House assembly
Drilling dowel holes in details
Cutting ceiling joists
Front parts assembly
Laying insulation in bowls and notches
System of roof
Rafter system assembly
Roofing strip assembly
Assembly of vapor permeable roof membrane
Assembly of roofing on a prepared foundation
Assembly of additional roofing elements
System of house foundation
Foundation assembly
Assembly of rough flooring

We strongly believe that everybody should be occupied with their own job; doctors should treat, teachers teach, builders build and so on. But the fact is the conception of a doctor, a teacher, or a builder is too general to definite professional skills of a person.

You will not turn to an oculist if you have a tooth ache, will you? You will go to the dentist. So, why is it believed that a builder is capable building both a gypsum house and a wooden one?


Construction of wooden houses is an exclusively specific direction in building sphere and it requires years of preparation and practice. That is why our company considers it right to engage qualified carpenters solely in wood work. Figuratively speaking, our oculists treat problems with eyesight and not toothache.

We do not seek to embrace the unembraceable and built a house from A to Z.

However, we are brilliant at everything connected with wood work. Our designers and installation engineers will bring to life even the most complex projects in a reliable and professional way.

At the moment, you are involved in reading this text because you take an interest in wooden houses. The key word is wooden. So, let’s engage in wood work and leave other processes of construction to their specialists. Undoubtedly, we cooperate with such specialists and in case you need any recommendations, we can provide them. If not, you are free to choose them on your own.

As wisemen used to say in ancient times “The greatest blessing is freedom and the greatest freedom is freedom of choice.”


About price


The cost of a wooden house or bathhouse from rounded logs or glued beams depends on the following:

  • The diameter of logs or cross sections of beams (18, 20,22,24 cm); the smaller, the cheaper
  • House area
  • The number of inner partition walls, the fewer partition walls there are, the more economical the house is
  • The height of the ceiling of the first floor
  • The height of the mansard
  • Territorial remoteness of the land

Availability of driveways and electricity.

Being a branch of a major wood processing holding, we offer the most beneficial price of wooden houses in Kaliningrad!

Now let us imagine that

  • There is electricity on the plot and good driveways to it
  • You are ready to follow our recommendations and avoid 4m tall ceilings, choosing 2.5-2.7m for the first floor and 0.7-1m for the mansard
  • You are not aimed at astonishing your neighbors with the thickness of logs or beams. You make choices based on your real needs and our specialists’ recommendations to provide maximum energy efficiency.
  • You realize that such luxuries as “the second light” (absence of ceiling between the first and second floor which creates lots of space), roof of complex shape, corners different from 90 degrees, oriels, etc. are factors contributing to the increase in price of the house, so you either refuse from them or agree to pay more.
  • Your plot is situated within 20 km from Moscow or Kaliningrad.
  • Your house is not burdened with too many inner walls and has a free layout.
If so, you should accept our congratulations! No one will ever offer you a better price!

A wooden house or bathhouse in Moscow or Kaliningrad at the best price of 5500 rubles per square meter is only one click away!

Undoubtedly, every house has its own labor variance and material consumption. That is why, the price of each project might vary but we are confident that you, being a reasonable person, understand this. We work for people just like you!

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