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Wooden houses in Provence style

French lightness and exquisiteness are the main characteristics of this magnificent and sophisticated architectural style. A typical feature of wooden homes in Provence style is charming tenderness of color schemes of both interior and exterior.  Attention is paid to each and every detail and all the elements of décor are well-thought-out enabling one to feel the special atmosphere of French romance.

Facades of houses in Provence style

The main peculiarity of Provence style homes is the foundation which is invisible at first sight but which, as a rule, is decorated in a unified style with the walls. The foundation usually has a basement serving as a wine vault.

  The color scheme of facades is usually light, so are interior colors. The first floor is not burdened with decorative elements. It looks stricter and more laconic than the second floor which, on the contrary, strikes with architectural refinements. In building wooden houses in Provence style preference is given to large arched windows, carved elements, banisters on balconies and verandas and bearing columns which also have a decorative function.

  Roofs of Provence style houses are probably one of the most important decorations. They are complex, sharp, hip and valley roofs ending with spires to make the house look higher visually.

  A lot of dormer windows and mezzanines can be found in Provence style houses whose purpose is to provide good ventilation of the attic and to enlarge space as well as to create a spectacular appearance.

  More often than not such houses do not have verandas and porches. The entrance leads directly onto a beautiful garden path. Other compulsory elements of this style are well-kept lawns, flowers and a small garden. 

  The second floor is always decorated with large balconies with wooden carvings giving the house lightness and French charm.


As stated above, light colors predominate in the interior of Provence style houses. The flooring boards of the second floor are installed on top of ceiling joists so that the joists are visible from the first floor. However, they are not covered with contrasting color but with a unified color with the ceiling. Light colors are chosen for all the wooden details of the interior and the furniture with little bright accents usually in the form of natural ornaments (flowers, trees, leaves, etc). Only colors which can be seen in nature should be included in the color scheme of the house.



Great attention is paid to furniture. If you have decided to build a wooden house in Provence style in Moscow or Kaliningrad, you should definitely hire a professional designer so that they into account each and every detail. Furniture should be sophisticated and exquisite with plenty of curves and smooth junctions, carving and forging are desirable. Glossy or varnished furniture is not suitable for such houses, matte textures are preferred.

  Light carelessness and artificial aging are present in the interior of Provence style homes.  We should keep in mind that this style belongs to the ancient French province.

Modern houses with an ancient soul

Wooden houses in Provence style look really appealing and exquisite. Creating such a wonderful image does not take much time; it takes just a few details. Hanging chain lights or even candle lights, cut stone elements, bright natural flowers at the entrance and, certainly, a well-groomed beautiful house territory will give your house a complete image. 

  In our company projects of cozy wooden houses are created thanks to the solid knowledge of its peculiarities. Houses in Provence style can be built from any material available in the market of wooden house building. However, the most suitable materials for building wooden houses in Kaliningrad are rounded logs and glued beams.

  If you have made up your mind to build a house in Provence style with all its charm and romanticism, turn to professionals. Our architects will develop a project of your dream house, leaving you only the task of enjoying their work. 
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