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Traditional Finnish Houses

The construction of a traditional Finnish house begins with the procedure of choosing and processing wood.  It is well-known that wood is the main construction material used by the Finnish for building detached houses.

Residents of this northern country with severe winters, high humidity and other climatic peculiarities give their preference to wooden houses with high levels of energy efficiency, reliability and longevity.

The Finnish, being health-conscious people, often consider not only the importance of energy efficiency and coziness but also the great influence which building materials have on people’s health.

A human being consists of 90% water which makes our body healthy, strong and able to grow, develop and regenerate. However, this balance is lost in the process of aging.

What are the reasons for this? First of all, it is connected with lack of daily fluid intake. Secondly, it has been proved that some building materials may cause dehydration of a human’s body.

The most vivid examples of such materials are concrete, gas silicate and brick. Long residence in houses built from these materials may cause frequent headaches and ailment as the brain is the first to get dehydrated.

Therefore, the Finnish choose glued beams as the construction material for their future homes nourishing their health and the health of their family members.

Economical and beautiful houses

Economical and beautiful houses


Traditional Finnish houses are mainly built from glued beams but sometimes rounded logs are also used.

These materials undergo special processing and polishing thanks to which we get an ideal surface with a beautiful wood texture which does not require any additional decorative work except from covering it with wood protection coating. Due to the natural warmth of a wooden house there is no need for additional insulation which saves materials, time and money.

A wooden house can be assembled in just a few days thanks to special cutting schemes used in our plants.

Projects are usually developed by our local architects, while our Finnish colleagues send us the cutting schemes of logs and beams.  This enables us to reduce the time necessary for the production of a house set and the construction process.

Generally, Finnish houses are not tall; they have a terrace, a balcony and a simple but solid roof. They are mainly one-storey, sometimes with a mansard roof.

To conserve heat and save on heating bills, the Finish reject spacious rooms and high ceiling and often replace a mansard roof with an attic.

The distinguishing features of these houses are strictness, precision and laconism. Large windows are often used on the main façade to fill the living-rooms with sunlight.  White color is traditionally chosen for curtain poles, doors and windows. The main color of painting the house can be beige, brown, light-green, light-grey or Carmine.




A  Finnish sauna is usually situated inside the house. Unlike Russian bathhouses, these saunas do not require either high level of humidity or high temperatures and use electric ovens. So, if you are planning to build a traditional Russian bathhouse, you should definitely do it separately from your house.

Another peculiarity of Finnish houses is split-level floor. For example, the hall has a built-in cellar.

The main room of the house is the living-room with a fireplace at least 25 sq m big. Modern interior of Finnish houses is mostly decorated with an electric fireplace, animal skin floor mats and warm plaids. They are must haves of every Finnish house even if you live in Moscow or Kaliningrad.

Use of natural materials, mostly wood, is preferable in the interior of Finnish houses.

A wooden house in Finnish style should be a sample of reliability and coziness. All the rooms are strictly separated according to their functions, for example, the kitchen is not united with the dining-room, the study is not used as a leisure room, etc.  A real Finnish house should have all conditions for peace and order.

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