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Wooden houses in Modernist style
Wooden houses in Modernist style

History and peculiarities of the style

Modernist style in architecture originated in France at the end of the 1880s. The main distinguishing feature of this style is the idea of synthesis. This style combined absolutely all architectural directions which already existed in world culture. For instance, the façades of houses combined elements of gothic, rococo and other architectural directions of the former period. It was the first direction in the history of architecture to move away from the order system and from following the traditions.


Along with cultural tendencies the impact of folklore is felt in Russian Modernist style.  Our architects started aping Boyars’ style and Byzantine churches. Architects of the time realized natural lines and plant ornaments in their projects.  Another peculiarity of this style was using various building and decorative materials – glass, steel, concrete, and the most traditional one – wood.

Wooden houses built in this style astonish with the variety of architectural ideas combined in the unified design of the house. The main characteristic of the exterior is the abundance of decorative elements with vegetation motives, smooth lines and junctions which gives the house special charm.

Facade of houses in Modernist style

At the initial stage of planning the house the architect not only develops a convenient layout and defines technical parameters, but also fulfills decorative design of the future house.

One should follow building regulations and be an artist at the same time – that’s the main requirement of wooden houses in Modernist style. Galleries with banisters, carved and forged balconies, handrails with ornamental carvings, beautiful platbands contrasting with the walls, spacious terraces – all these are the basis for creating a unique project.

Balconies are usually built in the form of a polygon, various oriels and rizalits are often used to give the whole building a roundish and smooth shape as well as to enlarge the inner space of the house.

Moldings, columns and eaves are decorated with straight and wavy strips. As a rule, opulent leaves and flowers prevail on the decorative elements of the façade which enhances the closeness of these houses with nature.


Artistically refined shapes of the other styles, including arches and towers, are widely used in Modernist style. These elements give houses in Modernist style a unique romantic appearance.

The roof of Modernist style gives houses bright individuality.  Its smooth curves and fanciful forms allow architects to get out of the frames of strictness and laconism typical of the other styles. The roof, like the cherry on the cake, completes the fascinating image of the wooden house whose architecture will be admired by several generations of its residents.

There are no limitations in the choice of building materials for the house in Modernist style. You are free to choose either a house from rounded logs or from glued beams. 

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