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To property developers

Kirovles is an authoritative company which specializes in planning, manufacturing and constructing wooden houses using the most advanced and energy-efficient technologies. We build cabin villages, leisure complexes, holiday camps and sports centers.

Problems in planning cabin villages

Reasons why developers might lose their profit

  • Irrationally planned plots of land (They are difficult to sell due to wrong plot shapes.)
  • Dense allocation of plots in the pursuit of profit (Plots which are densely allocated and lack public zones such as restaurants, playgrounds and the like are not popular with clients.)
  • Inefficient planning which causes a considerable increase in the cost at the initial stage of construction
  • Non-optimized plans and pipelines which increases the cost of construction

Problems leading to the loss of profit

  1. Absence of professionals capable of offering advantageous solutions not only in the process of planning and construction but also at the initial stage - the stage of developing the ideology of villages or complexes based on market analysis and identifying strategic plan and marketing program.
  2. Absence of unified style in villages, wrong disposition of houses (opposite each other, different types of construction structures, different colors and unaesthetic fences).
  3. Absence of shade planning, i.e. trees, plants, fences and other structures shade terraces, leisure zones, swimming pools and playgrounds as well as green zones.
  4. The cardinal directions and the trajectory of sunlight are not taken into account in interior layout. As a result, sunlight hinders leisure in bedrooms, heats kitchens while living rooms and terraces where people enjoy their spare time, are deprived of sunlight.
  5. Wind streamline is not taken into consideration with reference to the climate of a particular region, disposition of houses and choice of plants and trees.
  6. Consequently, roofs and asphalt are overheated, smoke and smell penetrate into houses, in winter it feels like -35 degrees Celsius when it is actually -10 degrees Celsius, entrances get covered with snow and so on and so forth.

Subsequently, clients are not satisfied; they freeze construction or start selling their houses. The liquidity of the village and the cost of plots suffer a considerable decrease.


To ensure effective and economical construction, planning should be developed by an architect who has deep knowledge and broad experience. The success of the whole complex is dependent from the architect!

Problems with the quality and the construction of wooden houses

The technology of building wooden houses has its own methods and each manufacturer has its own special features. However, only builders who have gathered experienced professionals under their guidance are capable of building a reliable wooden house. 

The majority of Russian builders face problems connected with the absence of high-quality training and lack of experience.

Why should employees be trained at work and get paid for it?

Houses are built without understanding how each and every structure “works” and will “behave” in future, how much contraction it will have, how it is connected with the other details of the house and how its disposition with respect to the light will influence its “behavior”.

As a result, contraction occurs unevenly which causes serious consequences such as

  • Gaps in rafter system
  • Deformation of ceilings
  • Loose parquet blocks and flooring boards
  • Cracking of walls and laps
  • Broken tiles and other surfaces

Exclusive peculiarities
of our houses and our approach

  • The most authoritative professionals with broad experience
  • An incredibly professional and efficient team of architects, designers, engineers and builders capable of creating exceptional and ingenious houses
  • High quality standards
  • Strict monitoring of sales, services and construction process, i.e. from the moment clients make a call to our office to the moment they move in
  • The most advanced production technologies enabling us to fulfill the boldest projects
  • High-quality raw materials from the north of Russia and selective superior grade wood A and B
  • The broadest range of glued beams and logs
Leave a request and you will get an offer from our architects on developing your plot of land

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